Are you planning to sell your present bike and looking for some new model? There are many dealerships in Arizona who will be ready to take your old motorbike and offer you a price after inspecting the engine of your motorbike.

If you are really interested to trade in your motorcycle Arizona then you must know the tricks to get better value for your old motorbike. Rather you must know what you should not do so that the value of your motorbike will not go down.

  • Don’t remove parts to make it lighter

Many people think if the bike is lighter then it will run faster and hence they try to remove few accessories so that the dealer will avoid checking the engine. However, the fact is just the opposite. If certain accessories like mirror or turning signals are missing then the dealer will deduct their cost from the price quoted for the motorbike.

  • Don’t change the original look

Many people like to paint their motorbike with different colors to make it look different and attract people around. However, this new look can reduce the value of your motorbike when you take it to any dealer for trade-in. By painting the motorbike, you have ruined its original look and no dealer will prefer to buy your vehicle.

  • Damaged motorbike

It does not really matter what has caused damage to your motorbike, nobody will like to buy any damaged vehicle. Just ask yourself, if you are a buyer then will you like to buy any damaged motorbike? You cannot hide the damage by spray painting too.

  • Avoid putting stickers

Stickers can be easily removed from the body of the vehicle however it is important to know where you must avoid putting stickers. Windscreens or windshields are not the right place to put any sticker. Even if you remove the sticker, its impression is very difficult to remove. If the sticker is on a painted surface then it will be removed easily however for windscreens you will need razor blade or little heat to remove the impression and as a result it makes permanent mark on the screen.

  • Avoid any major modification

Any modification whether it is in the engine, or in the chassis or the painting may reduce the value of your motorbike when you go for reselling. Nobody will take the risk of buying any motorbike whose originality is lost. Therefore, it is better to avoid any modification if you want to get better value for your old motorbike.

  • Any unpopular or discontinued model

If the model that you want to sell is no more existing in the market or people did not like the model then it is very unlikely that you will get a better value for your motorbike.

  • How is the mileage

We buy motorcycle to drive and naturally the meter reading will reflect it as we drive. A buyer will first check how much the vehicle has run. Any vehicle with lower mileage will get a better value.

  • General condition

If the general outlook of the motorbike is not good then any buyer will reject it as a first look. So, take your vehicle in a well maintained condition.