Paris and Eiffel Tower are correlated to each other. No tourist can ever miss an opportunity of viewing the pylon at least once. One trip is necessary, even if you are short of time. You can skip a museum or a street market, but can’t afford to miss taking the pictures with family or friends near the tower. However, taking a view from the crown of the structure isn’t easy because there is always a queue of tourists and local residents waiting for their turn to take elevator for the top.

Hence, if you are visiting Paris for the first time and have promised your kids a view from the crown of the tower, then you should know few facts –

  1. Skip the ticket line

It is wise to get your ticket in advance. This is because everyone is interested in visiting the monument. Even if you think to reach their early morning before the counter opens, most people are thinking the same. There are various kinds of tickets available to reach the top level.

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  1. Different kinds of Tickets

There are four kinds of tickets available to enter the pylon.

  • Stairs ticket for first and second floor is available only at the counter and the queue is comparatively shorter, because most people avoid taking stairs that takes time around 20 to 30 minutes for a physically fit person to reach on the 1st floor.
  • Elevator ticket for first and second floor is available online on any tour site apart from official website of Eiffel Tower. They are slightly expensive and you can anticipate a huge crowd at the counter, hence booking in advance is always suggested.
  • Stairs without elevator ticket permits you to take stairs till second floor and from there you can take the lift to the peak.
  • The elevator ticket that takes you directly to the top is the costliest ticket. This is available online as well and they are sold out first during season.
  1. Route
  • The best way to avoid crowd is by taking metro train that will drop you at stations near to Eiffel Tower. The two nearest metro stations are Bir Hakeim and Trocadero.
  • You can also RER to Chaps De Mars from where you can walk down few minutes.
  • Also, taking bus 42 or 82 that drops you at the Eiffel stop or bus 69, 82 and 87 drops you at Champs de Mars.
  • Boat Ride is another way of reaching your destination and it is also exciting because on the way you can see all the historic monuments from the river which also includes the smaller version of Statue of Liberty. Taking the boat from Seine River that drops you at Port de la Bourdonnais.
  • Finally, cars and bikes on rental can also be a good option. You can get car parking at Quai Branly parking.
  1. Timing

The perfect time to stopover Eiffel Tower is during night. When all the golden lights are on the tower framework, it leaves a magical effect. Mostly, it is after sunset that people dine at restaurants in first and second floor. Hence, if you want a quiet place and easily available tickets, then avoid going on weekends. Weekdays late night and morning is perfect timing to avoid crowd.

There is a Beacon Light on the crown of the tower that consists of 20,000 bulbs. It sparkles after the sunset and glows till 1am. However, being six-watt bulbs, the energy consumption is less. The Golden Lighting on the framework was designed in 1985 by engineer Pierre Bideau.

There is various history involved behind the making of Eiffel Tower. You should know all facts before viewing this place. Once you know the story behind it, it helps you to connect with it more deeply. To learn more about it, click on the link