What should one choose 2-post lift or 4-post lift? This is a question often put forward by many buyers while shopping for the lift however there is no right answer available to this question. You may look at various pros and cons and then decide which one suits you better.

A professional shop owner usually knows which will work best in order to run their business. Most of them may be using both types of ground lifts in the workshop. However, a home user will like to buy only one type and hence this dilemma is usually among this segment of buyers.

Decide why you decided to buy lift?

If your main reason for buying lift is to store the car then you must choose 4-post lift. This type of lift can support entire car “wheels” comparatively better than a 2-post lift. Any 4-post lift will act much like any bed, which will support the entire vehicle.

On the other hand, if you are interested to do repair activities on your vehicles, and also your budget is limited then Triumph NT-9 2-post lift should be your choice. The 2-post lift is considered to be inexpensive way for raising any amount of weight. A 2-post lift will allow the operator to access all vehicle parts easily, including your wheel assemblies. The 4-post lift on the other hand needs an auxiliary lift to raise the car from the ground.

Few other factors

  1. Any 4-post lift is portable, provided with caster and can also be anchored permanently. A 2-post lift has always to be anchored with the ground.
  2. A 4-post lift has a 110-volt motor that does not need any special wiring for installation while 2-post lift will have a 220-volt single-phase motor.
  3. A 4-post lift will need much more space than a 2-post lift.
  4. A 2-post lift will lift a car in any low ceiling garage. As the 4-wheel assemblies usually hang below the 4 lifting arms (your vehicle is lifted up by the frame). As an example, a vehicle which is 72” tall (from the tires bottom to the luggage-rack) will remain 72” tall when it is lifted on a 4-post lift. But this same vehicle can only be 55” tall when it is lifted by 2-post lift, as 17” may be “hanging” under the arms. In case you have a ceiling of 10’, the 2-lift will raise up most vehicles to almost 6’ off the ground.
  5. With any 4-post lift, it is much easier to position and load the vehicle. Runways of any 4-post lift will make it easier for any operator for driving onto the lift.
  6. Too much lower clearance on the ground will be much easier for loading the vehicles on any 4-post lift.

By considering all the above points, you can decide the kind of lift that will be right for you. The final decision can be done only by you. Now you no longer remain in any dilemma about choosing the type of lifts.