The driver and vehicle standards agency (DVSA) is very strict when it comes to what is being supplied when doing a theory test. This is due to security issues and strict security measures help in preventing other people from doing the test on behalf of others. Therefore it is very important to know what to carry when going to the test centre.

This is the reason why people are encouraged to ask a lot of questions from how to book theory test to what is required of them and what is allowed on the test centre and so forth. All these are good questions that anyone interested in taking driving test should ask to avoid any misunderstanding and ensure they complete the test without facing any trouble.

Previously it used to be mandatory to go with both parts of your driving license to the test. This is not necessary anymore what you need to have is your photocard. If you fail to carry it your test may be cancelled and you will lose your test fee. Also, there is a confirmation email or letter that you get after booking the test. This confirmation letter or printed email is not that essential but you can still carry it in case any booking issues arise.

Another question that people who are interested in taking the driving test may ask is whether they can take the test without their counterpart. It is likely that you will not be allowed to take the test without the paper counterpart. The best thing to do here is call the DVSA and inquire if there is a different form of an ID that you can take instead. And in case you have lost your provisional license, you will need to apply to get a new one before you can take the test. So if you have already booked the test, you will have to reschedule until when you obtain the license.

There are also various things you need to know when doing the actual driving theory test. This test is computerized and it is taken by either using a mouse, keyboard or touch screen. The first part of the test has a tutorial which has instructions on how to go about doing the test. You are not required to be computer literate in order to do the driving theory test.

The questions are multiple choice questions and you will mark the answer by ticking a square box that appears beside them. It is possible to cancel the answer if you have a second opinion and if a question seems difficult and you would want to look at it later you can skip and revisit it later.

Also be aware that the score of the test is generated automatically and you will have your results immediately you are done. If you pass, you will be issued a certificate at the test centre and if you fail, you will still get a report of your performance and you are free to re-sit the test when you are ready.