There are several reasons why people like to visit Atlanta. There are many different ways you can remain engaged after reaching the place. There are largest aquariums, beautiful museums, plenty of scenic parks etc. In fact, you may not get enough time to see everything that are so attractive to visit. If you are travelling with family and kids then there are so many attractive places for them. Besides that, you can find plenty of restaurants where you can eat good sea food.

Here we will touch upon few of the important attractions of Atlanta that you should never miss to visit. You can hire a car from any Atlanta car service who can take you to all the important locations of the city whenever you wish to pay your visit.

  • Visit Georgia Aquarium

This is one of the largest aquariums in the world where you can find more than 500 variety of fishes from different parts of the world. This aquarium is located in the downtown area and quite near to Centennial Olympic Park and one must not miss this one if you are in Atlanta.

In addition to fish, you can also find many other marine animals like sharks, beluga whales etc. also, you can enjoy dolphin show and 3D underwater shows.

  • Atlanta history center

This history center is located near Buckhead, where you can have a glimpse of the rich history of Georgia and its heritage. You may also attend lectures, history programs or festivals. The history museum, smith family farm, swan house, Kenan research center, centennial Olympic games museum, and a number of historic gardens are few places of attractions.

  • Martin Luther King Jr historic site

This historic site was developed in 1980 in order to pay tribute to well-known civil rights leader. One can take guided tour in the park and know about this famous man of America.

  • Center for puppetry arts

This is meant to educate both adults as well as children about ancient art in the form of puppetry. Also, there is one puppet museum to visit. A number of shows and films are organized about puppets.

  • Museum of design

This museum is located in the heart of Atlanta town near Peachtree Street. Here a number of exhibition programs are held to understand and appreciate the concept of design.

  • Watershed on Peachtree

This is located near Brook wood hills and here you will be served with award winning cuisine. Mostly you will be served with seasonal dishes and most of the ingredients are locally sourced.

  • Wagaya Westside

If you want to taste quality Japanese noodles then you must visit Wagaya on its western side. You will be served noodles with sushi.

  • Piedmont park

This is located in between Virginia-highland neighborhoods and midtown of Atlanta. This 189-acre park serves as recreational and cultural green space in the city.

  • Michael C. Carlos museum

This museum is located near the main campus of Emroy university and has largest collection of ancient arts from southeast.

These are only the tip of the iceberg. Once you come to Atlanta then you will find many other places to keep you busy.