A truck will need plenty of power, as they are designed for hauling and towing heavy loads smoothly. However, few truck manufacturers prefer quiet exhaust systems for their trucks, despite having powerful engines.

In case you prefer your truck to have sound as powerful as it really is, or if you are aiming to reduce any constriction on your exhaust, then consider including or altering your exhaust system of the truck.

The factory installed F100 exhaust systems are already present in the truck which are quite efficient system and hardly need any modification for improvement. The truck’s exhaust system’s first part is the manifold for exhaust, that channels exhaust from all individual cylinders into the larger main pipes.

They are efficient systems and don’t need any change, but if you like to change then you’ll need a header set. Quality headers usually have ceramic coating with factory mounting points meant for the sensors.

The next stop for the exhaust gases are catalytic converters as they will travel with your truck. Taking them off will not be a good idea as your factory set catalytic is quite efficient and also legal requirement for your vehicle.

Next, the exhaust gases will cool and enter into the muffler. Standard mufflers are not too restrictive but after changing them your truck will sound much better. The sound you will hear with new mufflers is very exciting.

Next is tailpipe which is for decoration only, and have not much impact on the performance of your exhaust system.

Changing the muffler will make one of the biggest changes in your exhaust system and following are few things to consider about the mufflers available in the market

  1. If you do not want to hear exhaust throughout then choose a muffler which is not mentioned as loud. Some muffler manufacturers even have proper sound clips on their websites to create that kind of perfect roar.
  2. If you want people to hear when you are driving or want your neighbors to know exactly when you leave for your work every morning, then you must choose mufflers marked as “glass pack” or “racing” which indicate very loud mufflers.
  3. Also consider whether the new muffler is a single or dual exhaust. Your truck will perform just the same with any single exhaust muffler from the market if your original exhaust system is single exhaust muffler.

Any dual exhaust system can be little more expensive however you’ll get much better sound and look.

4. Finally, you need to know which material for the exhaust system would be the best. This decision should be                  dependent on the geography of your location. In case if you stay anywhere which has corrosive effects of nearby          saltwater then stainless steel will be much smarter choice.

Stainless steel may be more expensive but it can last much longer as compared to any aluminized steel or galvanized in such climate. If you stay in dry climate then you don’t need to buy stainless steel.