These days, if you want to hire a taxi to visit any place, you can just book one through Uber App and you will immediately get response from a taxi located nearby. It has really become very convenient to get taxi from any location and you can also travel to any place of your choice. Their rates are not as expensive as any pre-booked cab. The taxi can locate you through GPS system and also take you to the designated place based on the GPS location of the destination.

Therefore, it is not necessary that you or even the driver need to be familiar with the location or route of travel. All the travel will be guided by the GPS system. GPS system will follow the shortest route based on existing traffic congestion so that you need not get stuck on the road traffic. Thus, Uber driver will ensure with the help of technology that you reach your destination well in time. People these days feel more convenient and cost effective to travel by uber taxi rather than driving their own car.

Uber is also providing an opportunity to anyone who is interested to earn money by driving their own car by becoming an Uber driver. If you want to become an Uber driver then you must have the following:

  • You must have any kind of 4-door vehicle, which must be in good condition and roadworthy. It must also pass the necessary state inspection guidelines.
  • You must have a proof of insurance
  • Your driving record must be absolutely clean
  • You must not have any criminal record in the past

Once you are approved to become an Uber driver then you need to download Uber partner App on your Android or iPhone and turn it on to start accepting request from riders in nearby area. The popularity of Uber is increasing year after year, and therefore if you are interested to earn a good income and become self employed then it is very good opportunity for you.

Now let us see what are the pros and cons of becoming a Uber driver in the following paragraph.


  • It is quite easy process to become an Uber taxi driver. If you do not have any criminal record and have clean driving records then you can quickly become an Uber driver.
  • It is an opportunity for you to become self-employed without investing a big amount of money. You can become financially independent and come out from an employee mentality to and think yourself as a businessman.
  • You can increase your money in the wallet and if you really start thinking like a businessman instead of an employee then there is big opportunity to earn money.
  • You can set your own working hours in 24 hours based on your own convenience.
  • You can work on weekends, if you are working somewhere to earn some extra money

As far as cons are concerned, it is just a perception rather than a reality. You can keep your vehicle well maintained so that your overhead expenses are less. If you can manage the whole thing properly then you can become successful Uber driver.